Forensic Report: Case 1886, Death of Dr. Henry Jekyll – watch now!

Thank you to Pacific Science Center for hosting me for yet another Halloween talk! It was streamed live on Youtube and you can relive the magic here: You can also enjoy my lovingly curated, excessively themed pre-show playlist here: And watch all six of my Halloween talks in a row here: See you next year!

Halloween science 2021 – Jekyll and Hyde

I’m back at it for yet another Halloween science event (virtually) at Pacific Science Center! Join me on Tuesday, October 26, on YouTube to hear my “forensic report” on the strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. You’ll learn about Jekyll’s mysterious drug that turned him into Hyde, how drugs work in the brain,Continue reading “Halloween science 2021 – Jekyll and Hyde”

Book bingo 2021

While I’m taking a break from reviewing – the pandemic finally caught up to me on this particular front – I’m still reading away. I’ve now scored my third consecutive Seattle Public Library book bingo blackout! Bingo squares transcribed below the cut, with my particular favorites marked with a *.