Kaitlyn Casimo, PhD

I’m a science communicator, neuroscientist, and theater nerd.

I have led training, education, and outreach programming at the Allen Institute since 2018. I created our education program and resources (available here), and I develop training programs and materials for professional scientists to learn about the Allen Institute’s open resources and how to use them.

I earned my BA from Pomona College and PhD from the University of Washington, both in neuroscience. I also have a background in theater, particularly performance and stage management, as well as experience in directing.

I also develop, write, and perform science communication independently and as a volunteer at Pacific Science Center. My science communication focuses on narrative storytelling, especially through theater and other performance. My Imaginary Minds talks, at Pacific Science Center at Halloweens since 2016 and elsewhere, blend fictional narratives with real science to entertain as well as educate.