I’m a neuroscientist, science educator and advocate, and theater lover. Check out my resume, read the latest on the blog, or drop me a line.

I earned my PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Washington in June 2018. I’m now the Training and Outreach Specialist at the Allen Institute, where I work on developing new training programs and materials, improving existing offerings, and collaborating with staff scientists to operate live and online trainings.

As a graduate student, I studied how different parts of the brain coordinate and communicate, how those patterns spontaneously shift over time, and how they shift in ways that can specifically be linked to learning a new skill, and which are above and beyond the spontaneous changes. When I wasn’t in lab, I was the student coordinator for outreach and communication at the CSNE and the event coordinator for the UW Neuroscience Community Outreach Group. I developed a self-contained online class on neural engineering available here. More details about this and my other work are in my resume or CV.

I directed of a production of Proof which ran for three performances in September 2017. I’m looking for my next directing project – if you need a director, please contact me!

I’ve been featured in UW and regional publications, including this summary of my outreach efforts, this interview on brain-computer interfaces, this coverage of my October 2017 talk on the science of Frankenstein, this coverage of my research on brain-computer interfaces, and as a volunteer at Pacific Science Center.