I’m a science communicator and I especially work in public outreach, the intersection of science and the arts, professional outreach and training, and education.

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I frequently present talks, including outreach for the general public, topics in science communication, discussions of science in the arts, and professional presentations on science education and communication.

For the general public, my Imaginary Minds presentations blend fictional narratives with real science to entertain as well as educate. For each presentation, I take a creature from folklore or classic horror literature, dive into real neuroscience and psychology related to its story or powers, and create a narrative that ties the fictional inspiration and real science together. Learn more about the series and watch the videos here.

Science and the arts

I’m interested in the intersection of science and the arts as a writer, director, advisor to creatives, and commentator. A key part of my approach is that insight, skills, and practices can flow both ways between science and the arts. I give talks on the intersection of science and science fiction, and in 2017 I directed Proof, a play about mathematicians, with a cast of STEM professionals. My theater experience influences my approach to science presentations, science writing, and coaching others in science communication (theater to science).

Education program management

I have built and led the Allen Institute’s education program from the ground up. This program reaches college and high school educators and their students with free teaching materials and programs that use the Institute’s open data and research resources as teaching tools. As the principal program staff, content developer, mentor to participating scientists, and central hub of collaboration, I create, curate, and manage all resources and programs. I also manage professional education/training programs and resources for working scientists.