I often present on my work in science education, my scientific research, and on neuroscience for the public.

Talks for the public:

See the Imaginary Minds page for information about my talks combining neuroscience topics and storytelling. Favorites include the neuroscience of werewolves, optical illusions and ghosts, and the neuroscience and ethics of Frankenstein’s creature.

Other talks for the public:

January 2021: Telling Stories About Science: Using Narrative Storytelling to Engage the Public with STEM, Cultural Congress Washington

October 2018: Frankenstein: A Modern Postmortem, University of Washington FrankenReads (200th anniversary celebration of the publication of Frankenstein)

February 2017: It’s 2017, Where’s My Cyborg? Pacific Science Center’s Science in the City, with Dr. James Wu *

April + July 2016: This is Your Brain on Learning, Pacific Science Center’s Eastside Science Cafe and Tacoma Science Cafe

Science education talks:

April 2022: Panelist, Teaching Neuroscience: Reviving Neuroanatomy: Society for Neuroscience Professional Development Workshop

March 2022: Moderator/organizer, Brain Awareness Week: Understanding the Cellular Roots of Alzheimer’s Disease, Allen Institute

February 2021: Introduction to the Allen Brain Map for Education: NEURON Conference at Quinnipiac University

August 2020: Introduction to the Allen Brain Map for Teaching Undergraduate Neuroscience: Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience Summer Workshop

Science talks:

December 2020: Presenter/tutorial series organizer, Introduction to the Allen Brain Map: Open for (Neuro)science tutorials, Allen Institute

April 2018: Spontaneous and Task-Related Changes to Resting State Connectivity, University of Washington Graduate Program in Neuroscience Annual Symposium *

September 2016: Electrophysiology and the Resting State: University of Washington Graduate Program in Neuroscience Annual Retreat *

* not available for repeat presentation