Introduction to Neural Engineering

Through my involvement with the CSNE at UW, I was able to teach a six-week course on neural engineering for high school students in summer 2016 and again in 2017. I’ve now turned that live course into an online version, which includes six hours of video lectures, instructions for three hands-on demos, homework assignments, andContinue reading “Introduction to Neural Engineering”

Science of Frankenstein – Halloween at Pacific Science Center 2017

I was lucky enough last year to talk about the neuroscience of zombies at Pacific Science Center. And this year I had the delight that they let me come back to talk about the science of Frankenstein! I discussed the neuroscience of Frankenstein’s creature, some of the scientific advancements he would have had to makeContinue reading “Science of Frankenstein – Halloween at Pacific Science Center 2017”

It’s 2017, where’s my cyborg?

Last week my lab mate James and I gave a talk at the Pacific Science Center on the present and future of brain-computer interfaces. It was pretty rad. I’m sorry we missed you there (unless you came, in which caseĀ thanks for finding my website!) but you can still check out the video here: and youContinue reading “It’s 2017, where’s my cyborg?”