Science writing consulting

Science is everywhere, and the depth to which it reaches into our lives and society is only increasing. But people are afraid of science as a subject, or ignoring science, or just plain uninformed because there’s so much to know. Good communication can start to address these problems.

For scientists, this means seeing your work clearly explained both to other scientists and to anyone else (the general public, funding organizations, the media, your grandma). For writers in journalism, fiction (screen or print), or pop nonfiction, this means that your work is as accurate as it is enjoyable to read. For teachers, this means covering a wide swath of materials to a range of ages. None of this is easy. But I’m here to help!

Why me?

My training and experience positions me uniquely to communicate science to diverse audiences.

For scientists, I can help you relate to and understand your audience, whether that might be other scientists or the general public, and ensure that your communication is clear, concise, and accurate. We’ll craft your message and your delivery to most effectively reach whoever you most want to understand your work.

Through my extensive training in theater, I am familiar with the needs of creative work and the role of science, and I understand that sometimes you have to sacrifice a little scientific accuracy to make the plot wheels turn. I can still help you make the scientists and the rest of the science you include in your work as accurate as possible!

You can see examples of my informal writing throughout this site. You can find examples of my formal scientific writing here, where abstracts are free for everyone and full articles are available through academic institutions, or by contacting me.


I offer services in editing for style and content, as well as translating technical content for nontechnical readers. You can also engage me to write content for you (except where noted). I will work on any of the following and more:

  • Technical writing (editing services only):
    • Scientific journal articles
    • Grant proposals
    • Conference posters
  • Education:
    • Lesson plans
    • Museum exhibit or display content
  • General audiences:
    • Press releases
    • Educational program scripts
    • Fiction manuscript or script drafts
    • Spiel for your grandparents at Thanksgiving
  • Live presentations:
    • Elevator pitches
    • Presentations/powerpoints
    • General communication coaching

Your content will always be confidential, to the standards of peer review: I will not use or disclose anything in what you have written until such time as it is published or released.

My area of speciality is, of course, neuroscience specifically and life science generally. But though my research I also have significant familiarity with computer science, mathematics, and psychology, and I can provide general advice on most any area of science.



For availability and a quote, please contact me with information about your project, what you would like me to do, and a deadline.

All editing includes comments on two drafts of your work. Technical editing starts at $12 per page (double spaced) + $5 per figure + legend, and general editing at $10 page (double spaced). Rates depend on the complexity of the work, the urgency of your deadline, and the quantity of editing needed/desired.