Production central – Proof

Updates on my September 2017 production of Proof at the Pocket Theater in Greenwood will be added here!

Update 6/28: Welcome to the cast!

Catherine: Addie Kingsland, theoretical chemist

Claire: Chelsea SanClemente, technical project manager

Hal: Liam Lawe, scientific business administration

Robert: George Bukota, science writer

U/S Catherine, Claire: Beth Mundy, inorganic chemist

Stage manager: Rae Eaton, analytical chemist

Update 7/3:

Rehearsals have begun!

Update 7/10:

Ben De Winkle, mathematician and sometime actor, visited to deliver some gems of wisdom about the day-to-day work of math. Favorite nugget: the titular proof is 40 pages long, which means it’s either very inelegant and meandering, or more likely, it’s so complex and innovative that it had to travel a long distance to get to its destination.

Update 8/6:

The first pass is complete! We’ve now visited every scene at least once. I’m excited that I can now focus on the artistry instead of the raw blocking. Now to making it the best it can be!

Update 8/8:

Tickets are live!