Imaginary Minds: Talks

Real science, fictional stories.

Part public science talk, part theatrical experience, my Imaginary Minds presentations blend fictional narratives with real science to entertain as well as educate.

For each presentation, I take a creature from folklore or classic horror literature, dive into real neuroscience and psychology related to its story or powers, and create a narrative that ties the fictional inspiration and real science together.

Wondering what this looks like? See it in action in the videos of my favorite past talks below.

For upcoming talks and other announcements, visit me on Twitter @kaitlyncasimo.

Past talks

Don’t miss the Q&A section at the end of the live presentations! That’s where things really get interesting, as the audience questions take us off in surprising directions. Here are some of my favorite past talks.

Werewolves and comparative neuroanatomy: Live at Pacific Science Center, Halloween 2018
Frankenstein and development + neural regeneration: Live at Pacific Science Center, Halloween 2017
Ghosts and optical illusions + visual processing: Virtual at Pacific Science Center, Halloween 2020