Proof – all the info, in one place!

Proof is a play about mathematicians. Who better to play mathematicians than mathematicians? (And scientists, engineers, medical professionals, science writers, and more!) Our cast of STEMM professionals will be performing Pulitzer and Tony winner Proof, about the struggles of math, education, and mental illness. After the show, you’ll get to hear from the cast about whatContinue reading “Proof – all the info, in one place!”

Welcome to the cast of Proof!

I am thrilled to announce the cast of Proof: Catherine – Addie Kingsland, chemistry Claire – Chelsea San Clemente, software engineering Hal – Liam Lawe, science administration Robert – George Bukota, science writer U/S Catherine, Claire – Beth Mundy, inorganic chemistry U/S Hal – Daniel Doctor, neuroscience With stage manager Rae Eaton, analytical chemistry RehearsalsContinue reading “Welcome to the cast of Proof!”