Professional activities

I earned my PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Washington in June 2018. I’m now the Training and Outreach Specialist at the Allen Institute, where I work on developing new training programs and materials, improving existing offerings, and collaborating with staff scientists to operate live and online trainings. I also developed new resources for educators available on our website.

My academic training is primarily in neuroscience, with particular focus in human behavioral neuroscience. I also have a background in theater, with a variety of roles over my career, currently with a focus on direction.

As a graduate student, I studied how different parts of the brain coordinate and communicate, how those patterns spontaneously shift over time, and how they shift in ways that can specifically be linked to learning a new skill. When I wasn’t in lab, I was the student coordinator for outreach and communication at the CSNE and the event coordinator for the UW Neuroscience Community Outreach Group.

I’ve been featured in UW and regional publications, including this summary of my outreach efforts, this interview on brain-computer interfaces, this coverage of my October 2017 talk on the science of Frankenstein, this coverage of my research on brain-computer interfaces, and as a volunteer at Pacific Science Center.

More details about this and my other work are in my resume or linkedin.