Books, halfway through 2019

It’s halfway through the year, which means it’s time for LIBRO-STAT-MANIA 2019 (part 1)!

First, some basic stats:

  • Books read: 37 (that’s a book finished every 4.91 days, though as I’ve written before I don’t directly track amount of time to finish)
  • Pages: 10051 (average of 271.6 pages per book)
  • Average publication date: 1997
  • Newest book: Live and Let Pie and The Satapur Moonstone, started on release date
  • Oldest book: the plays in Ibsen Volume 1, 1890s (though that collection is from the 1990s)
  • Squares filled on my SPL bingo card (pdf): 13 (of 24)

The metadata I include in my posts every month (genre, format, etc.) is only on the books themselves. Behind the scenes, I also gather metadata on authors to ensure that I’m reading diverse authors. It’s not just important to read diverse voices, it’s important to do so deliberately, thoughtfully, and vocally. Thus, of the 32 unique authors so far this year (these statistics include each author only once and I did have several repeat authors):

  • Author gender: 14 women, 18 men (41%, not a statistically significant difference from 50/50)
  • Author nationality: 17 US, 6 England, 3 Canada, 1 each Spain, Norway/Denmark, France/US, Sweden, Ireland (0% non-North America/Europe, yikes!)
  • LGBT authors: 6 (19%)
  • Authors of color: 8 (25%)
  • Women of color: 5 (36% of women)
  • Works in translation: 3 (Spanish, Swedish, Danish one each)

In the second half of the year, I’d like to keep up solid trends in representation of women, women of color, and LGBT authors. I’ll be looking to increase works in translation and authors from countries other than US/England, and increasing and diversifying authors of color (which will interact with including more countries too).

I also do stuff other than read – shocker, I know! Some non-book things I have enjoyed in the last six months include:

  • The Allusionist podcast
  • The Writing Excuses podcast
  • Some of the baby animals at the Woodland Park Zoo
  • Validation that I wasn’t imagining the rise of the novella
  • Everybody, which I saw (twice at two different theaters, unfortunately not twice at one theater) but didn’t read (yet)
  • Posting my 2018 Halloween talk (stay tuned for 2019!)
  • Finishing my first pair of socks, even though they weren’t very good, because the way to get good at making socks is by making bad socks first
  • Library ebooks (Libby/Overdrive and Hoopla are your friend!)

And finally, a sneak preview for July/August: current and upcoming reads, coming to a book review near you. Guess a book and win… bragging rights!

  • Narcissism feat. Basil the painter
  • “Headology” witches, this time in fairy tale land
  • Literally the most on-brand nonfiction book for me ever, and I’m so mad I didn’t get to write it
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