Science of Frankenstein – Halloween at Pacific Science Center 2017

I was lucky enough last year to talk about the neuroscience of zombies at Pacific Science Center. And this year I had the delight that they let me come back to talk about the science of Frankenstein! I discussed the neuroscience of Frankenstein’s creature, some of the scientific advancements he would have had to make in order to do what he did, the ways we see the neuroscience reflected in the creature’s behavior, and the utter ethical failures that let the whole thing go down.

(Of course, as the kid around the 45 minute mark astutely points out, Frankenstein isn’t real. But the science is!)

You can view the talk in full below. The angle isn’t great, but the slides were mostly stills from Young Frankenstein anyway so you’re not missing anything technical. The UW Daily also had nice things to say about me!

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