Books, September 2017

It was a busy month, so little to report. Stay tuned for a recap of Proof!

Death Comes to Pemberley, PD James

What makes this more than just a fun continuation/spinoff of Pride and Prejudice is the way it spins the original story’s perspective around. While I am entirely in favor of all the Lizzie all the time, her voice was pretty thoroughly expressed already – instead, we get a continuation story from Darcy’s perspective. This is partly a practical plot issue – Lizzie would have little reason to be involved in a murder trial, and still less to go to bat for Wickham, while Darcy has (admittedly begrudging) reasons to get tangled up in the scenario. As I was reading, I found myself wishing that I had a stronger sense of Darcy’s personality and thought process in the narration… but then I realized that his perspective is quite strong through his actions and thoughts. He’s just an intensely practical and straightforward person, so the line between “Darcy’s thoughts” vs. “the most expedient path to resolving the plot” is a pretty thin one. Also, *I’m* a practical and straightforward person, so I was seeing the choices I would have made unfold in a manner that was so logical to me I barely realized it was a character moment.

Also, [SPOILER] sending Lydia and Wickham to America to give them the less-restrained early 19th century society they deserve, while simultaneously writing them out of the Bennet-Darcy-Bingley clan’s lives permanently save gossipy letters …. genius!

Genre: mystery, historical. Format: novel. Rating : 3/3

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