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Proof is a play about mathematicians. Who better to play mathematicians than mathematicians? (And scientists, engineers, medical professionals, science writers, and more!) Our cast of STEMM professionals will be performing Pulitzer and Tony winner Proof, about the struggles of math, education, and mental illness. After the show, you’ll get to hear from the cast about what they and their work are really like.

Update 6/28: Welcome to the cast!

Catherine: Addie Kingsland, theoretical chemist

Claire: Chelsea SanClemente, technical project manager

Hal: Liam Lawe, scientific business administration

Robert: George Bukota, science writer

U/S Catherine, Claire: Beth Mundy, inorganic chemist

Stage manager: Rae Eaton, analytical chemist

Update 7/3:

Rehearsals have begun!

Update 7/10:

Ben De Winkle, mathematician and sometime actor, visited to deliver some gems of wisdom about the day-to-day work of math. Favorite nugget: the titular proof is 40 pages long, which means it’s either very inelegant and meandering, or more likely, it’s so complex and innovative that it had to travel a long distance to get to its destination.

Update 8/6:

The first pass is complete! We’ve now visited every scene at least once. I’m excited that I can now focus on the artistry instead of the raw blocking. Now to making it the best it can be!

Update 8/8:

Tickets are live!

Update 9/14:

The big day is finally here! There are still tickets available for all performances. $10 if ordered online at least 4 hours before the show, or $14 on the door.

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